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Macular edema due to perifoveolar teleangiectasies is difficult to treat when the TAE are located close to, or at the border of the FAZ.


Encouraged by the good results of the stimulation treshold or subtreshold laser in CSC without visible focus (we presented this method at the EVRS meeting in Sevilla), we use this treatment in challenging cases of TAE.


We are presenting a group of 12 eyes of 11 patients with perifoveolar TAE treated using this method between 2007 and 2014.


The mean follow-up was 12 months, ranging from 2 to 38 months. The VA improved in 11 eyes and worsened in one eye only where after the initial improvement a CNV developed. The mean pre-treatment VA of 0.52 improved to 0.69, i.e. in average by 2 ETDRS lines. The OCT finding improved in all cases and the CME totally disappeared in three cases. The hard exudates regressed in all cases.

Take-home message:

Even macular edema due to juxtafoveolar TAE, previously managed with “observation only”, can successfully be treated with threshold or subthreshold laser.