Authors: Zachariah Koshy, J. Murdoch, Glasgow, UK


Reduced postoperative morbidity and faster recovery, 20 g instrumentation with optimum fluidics, rigidity and range of instruments, less surgical time compared to standard vitrectomy technique, good wound integrity.


Interventional case series. The surgical technique to create a tangential, circumferential scleral tunnel is described. Anterior segment optical coherence tomography was used to create standard and high resolution images of the scleral tunnel immediately after surgery, on the 1st postoperative day, the 1st postoperative week , the 1st postoperative month and then 3 months after surgery. Cross-sectional and longitudinal images were obtained. These images were analysed along with intraocular pressures, slit lamp biomicroscopy and indirect ophthalmoscopy for wound dehiscence and leaks. 10 cases were imaged out of a series of 200 with the remaining undergoing postoperative examination as above.

Effectiveness / Safety:

There were no instances of postoperative hypotony or infection and the surgical goals were achieved in all cases.

Take home message:

Don’t throw your 20g kit away yet.