Ivan Fiser, Ivan Kolin


It improves the adherence of trypan blue to the retina surface.

It enables distinction between the posterior hyaloid, vitreoschisis, the ERM and the ILM.

It makes the surgery faster and cheaper.


The trypan blue, diluted with 10% glucose, makes the stain more viscous. It adheres better to the retina surface and does not whirl within the vitreous, thus it is faster to aspirate. It enables immediate identification of the posterior vitreous face and discovery of the cleavage plane and avoids the mistaking of the vitreoschisis lamina for the ERM and for the ILM.

Effectiveness / Safety:

We have used the diluted membrane blue in more than 300 procedures with no complications, feeling that it makes the surgery faster. Moreover, the division of one vial among three patients saves money.