The use of 25ga+ and 27ga+ surgery with Constellation enables a more delicate and precise surgical manipulation on the retina surface, making vitrectomy safer.


1. The duty cycle (Core or Shave) and the fast cutting rate (5000 cpm)  are advantageous namely for beginners, however, it is mainly the smaller flow, thanks to the smaller gauge, which makes the surgery safer.

2. Both the vacuum and the flow can be precisely controlled in Constellation, and even the “flow control” mode can be used.

3. The port of the cutter placed closer to the tip of the Ultravit probe enables to work closer to the retina, resulting in less traction and lower risk of incarceration.

4. The excellent IOP control prevents soft eye and enables lower IOP.

Effectiveness /Safety:

1. The 25ga+ and 27ga+ surgery has a lower risk of retina incarceration.

2. The 25ga+ and 27ga+ surgery has a lower risk of vitreous incarceration with later peripheral breaks and detachment.

3. The 25ga+ and 27ga+ surgery enables a faster and safer removal of adhering vitreous as well as all kinds of membranes without changing of instruments.

Take home message:

25ga+ and 27ga+ surgery not only bring more comfort to both the patient and the surgeon but is faster and safer than 20ga+ surgery.

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