Author: Roberto Cian, Padova, Italy

The slit lamp illumination system allows the management of most of posterior pole diseases from macula holes, macular puckers, macular edemas from different pathologies, luxated fragments after cataract surgery, dislocated IOL etc.

The system permits an high magnification and good resolution of retinal details, the possibility of staining or not the ILM before peeling, ten times less toxicity for photoreceptors with less light exposure, more precise maneuvers during peeling .the second hand free for indentation (expanded indications).

The Slit lamp system permits to FOLLOW THE TREND of mininvasivity 23 or 25 GAUGE with the same good results…(and some more complications…?) furthermore the combinations of two techniques stimulates the discussion on minimal vitrectomy VS complete vitrectomy.

The author presents his experience after 8 years of minimal vitrectomy using a two ports technique with an external illumination (SLIT).