For many years, cataract surgery is performed earlier with the associated risks of zonular trauma during surgery or of an aging/glistening of these implants. Moreover, with the recent tendency to put some multifocal intra-ocular lenses that are not always easily tolerated by the patients, we are frequently asked to replace an IOL. However, since IOL cutters are made of one unique piece of scissor that causes a partial shift of the IOL, this procedure remains traumatising since the lens frequently come into contact with the endothelium or the iris. For such reasons, getting the appropriate IOL-cutter is extremely important.

A pair of forceps and a lens cutter is now available through MST and is extremely useful in the author hands.

The forceps allows easy grasping of the IOL while cutting it into two pieces or opening it widely to permit extraction in one piece. This stops the IOL shifting and damaging the cornea or the iris. Moreover, because of its small size (23-gauge), it can be used through 0.8mm or wider incisions, thus limiting surgically- induced astigmatism.

The author will present his experience and results of using the system over a year.

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