This very fast technique requires a single injection of undiluted gas without the need of gas mixing.


After vitrectomy, ILM peeling and fluid/air exchange, the sclera is sutured, or, in sutureless surgery, the cannulas are removed, however, the globe is left slightly hypotonous. The level of hypotony is very easily assessed using a finger. Then, just an injection of 1.5 ml of SF6 is injected using a 30ga needle. If the IOP is low, some air can be added.

Effectiveness / Safety: 

Using 1.5 ml of SF6, injected into an air-filled globe, an intraocular concentration of approximately 30 per cent SF6 is gained which provides a good tamponade in macular hole surgery. In 400 patients operated within the last four years, both ocular hypotony and hypertony were extremely rare.