Giampaolo Gini


To present the indications and the limits of triamcinolone in the treatment of macular conditions both as single treatment by itself, as a preparatory step for further procedures or an intraoperatory instrument.


In dealing with macular edema understanding the causes determining the condition is essential in choosing a successful therapeutic strategy. Thus, triamcinolone finds different indications according to the chosen strategy. A review of patients, treated with different strategies in accordance to the nature of the macular edema, is offered. Results are discused. Ways of possibly reducing complications associated with the use of the drug are also discussed. Intra-operatively triamcinolone is proving to be a useful tool in macular surgery procedures. Its applications are also discussed.


Triamcinolone is a useful tool in dealing with certain types of macular disorders. Its indications, use and possible complications must be understood so as to avoid a lost opportunity in not using it, on one hand, or disappointing results by using it improperly, on the other.