Vitrectomy machines equipped with a flow control pump allow not only to decrease by 300% the number of failures in retinal detachment but can also facilitate the surgeon’s work in providing him information on what he is actually doing. The new EVA machine is equipped with a sound system which allows:

  • to inform the surgeon when the infusion is on
  • to inform the surgeon on the positioning of his foot on the foot pedal (telling him what is the aspiration flow at a precise moment)
  • to inform the surgeon on the aspirated fluid composition at each precise moment. In fact, for a given aspiration flow, the vacuum required to obtain this flow depends on the viscosity of the aspirated fluid. The machine’s sound tells therefore the surgeon if the aspirated fluid contains vitreous or is free of vitreous. Thanks to the system, the surgeon knows when he can stop the vitrectomy as there is no more vitreous to aspirate.

To inform the surgeon when the pressure at pump level is positive. Working in BSS with a low level of aspiration flow (from 1 to 4 cc per minute) is possible whatever the cutting frequency with a flow control system as the system can work with a positive pressure at pump level. As opposed to a venturi pump (which cannot work in positive pressure), this system gives the surgeon the possibility to use his vitrectomy probe without the need of high-speed cutting or duty cycle (this is to say without the need of systems decreasing the number of complications with a venturi pump). The surgeon can know when he is working with this special configuration.