The Intraocular Foreign Body – The Steps in Primary Surgery


The 25G ppv in 46-year-old type I diabetic patient with vitreal haemorrhage in both eyes

The 20G ppv of advanced PVR-retinal detachment 3 weeks after initial ppv with silicon oil endotamponade


The necessity for urgent intraocular foreign body removing is unquestionable. We perform an emergency surgery of subretinal foreign body removal complicated by subretinal bleeding and iatrogenic retinal detachment due to the forced posterior vitreous detachment (PVD). Preoperative full visual acuity dropped to 0,15 in Snellen scale postoperatively. The blood is the most powerful trigger for proliferative vitreoretinopathy, therefore bleeding from the chorioretinal wound during forced PVD can influence the postoperative vision. On the other hand the attached vitreous to the macula can be the cause of the potential macular traction and can result in vision decrease in postoperative period. Is PVD necessary in primary surgery of intraocular foreign body removing or better to postpone it to the next step procedure ? We would like to put this question under the debate.


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