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To show the advantages of the use of an endoscope in various pathologies concerning the eye ball. Endoscopy represents the vision from the inside towards the outside, a completely new vision.
Endoscopy is fundamental in the case of opacity of the optic system, but it can be used also in case of transparent optics to explore unreachable areas through a frontal exploration. The distinction in two levels of experience is fundamental:
First level: monomanual endoscopy with fast learning curve where the endoscope is used  for exploration and laser treatment.
Second level: bimanual endoscopy where the endoscope allows visualization of the structures under surgery. This second level needs a longer learning curve. The mono manual endoscopy can allow a wide field of application. The advantages of the use of the endoscope are shown in the different aspects of  ocular diseases.

Different kinds of endoscopes are used for the diagnostic and therapeutic approach below.
In case of opacity of the systems the endoscopy can be  monomanual; it has to evaluate and explore and it is very important in the treatment of glaucoma. Importance in evaluating the ciliary body and the remainder of some silicone bubbles after removal.
Even in presence of a transparent optic the endoscope allows us to evaluate the ciliary body and the area that is behind the iris.
The advantage is evaluating the ciliary body before treating it.
Another important case of use of the endoscopy is for the evaluation of secondary IOL implants. In this case it is useful before the surgery, then to evaluate the quality of the surgery during all the surgical steps and in the end to check the result of the implant.
The bimanual surgery has more difficulties and requires more experience after a long learning curve.
The importance of endoscopy to evaluate a case of anterior endophthalmitis in evaluating the progress of the disease and deciding what to do. A case series of treatment of secondary glaucoma in OOKP (Osteo Odonto Kerato Prothesis) is shown.

The endoscopic treatment is usually safe and very effective in all the treatments  previously explained. The use in the surgery room is recommended in order to improve the quality of the surgery and to do something unique.