Yong Sung You, Oh Kwon (Seoul, South Korea)


To compare the efficacy of Avastina and Lucentis in Neovascular AMD of Korean in South Korea.

Materials and Methods:

Retrospective, comparative study by reviewing the medical records of patients with wet AMD who were treated with anti-VEGF and followed up more than 6 months from January 2007 to November 2009.


105 eyes (105 patients) were included. Avastin was injected in 32 eyes and Lucentis in 73 eyes. Age distribution was 60.3 years in Avastin group and 56.1 in Lucentis group. Male were 20/32 in Avastin and 47/73 in Lucentis. Follow up period was 15.7 months in Avastin and 12.5 months in Lucentis. Change of VA (LogMar Snellen Acuity) was -0.13 Avastin and -0.26 Lucentis (p=0.078). Change of CMT (u) was -62.5 Avastin and -8.1 Lucentis (p=0.87). Number of injection was 3.1 Avastin and 4.4 Lucentis. And interval (months) between injections was 5.01 Avastin and 2.87Lucentis(p<0.001).


VA improved in both groups and probably betters in Lucentis group compared to Avastin group (p=0.078). CMT improved in both groups and no significant difference between both groups. Injections were needed less frequently in Avastin group compared to Lucentis group.