We present our strategy on traumatic iris injuries. Ocular traumatology represents an ultra-specialist branch of ocular surgery. The iris is often considered as a boundary area between anterior and posterior segment surgery and is a zone not well defined between the competency of vitreoretinal and anterior segment surgeon.


We reviewed eyes with only anterior injuries or combined anterior and posterior segment injuries. At the end of iris reconstruction, we performed retropupillary implantation of the iris claw intraocular lens. Results: In all these cases with iris trauma the retropupillary iris claw intraocular lens was stable without disenclavation.


“The middle-earth” is not a well-defined area for surgery. Instead of combining techniques and equipment of anterior and posterior segment surgery, it is possible to manage injuries of that sector. At the time of primary repair, every effort should be made to preserve as much normal iris tissue as possible. This greatly helps in subsequent anterior segment reconstruction.