The Claw – A Novel Intraocular Foreign Body Removal Forceps


Intraocular foreign bodies (IOFBs) have been reported in upto 40% cases of penetrating globe injuries. Removal of large irregular or spherical shaped & non-metallic or non-magnetic IOFBs is challenging in many cases. We introduce a forceps with retractable claw shaped prongs that can be used in such challenging case scenarios. The intrument consists of handle and outer cylinder made of titanium while the retractable prongs are made of Nitinol. There are 4 prongs which ensure secure hold of the IOFB while removing from vitreous cavity. Outer diameter of cylinder is 19 gauge. The claw shaped prongs are extended and retracted with a slider using one finger. The forceps is introduced through enlarged sclerotomy. Malleable prongs make it possible to hold relatively large foreign body. Once the IOFB is grasped, the claw is retracted and IOFB held securedly while it is removed through sclerotomy or limbal incision.The prongs can extend upto 14mm longitudinally while they open to grasp IOFB upto 8.5-9 mm in diameter. Non-magnetic objects of varying shapes and sizes can be grasped.The forceps was used to pick various foreign bodies in vitro. It could pick metallic, organic and glass foreign bodies of sizes varying from 4mm to 9 mm. It could easily grasp irregularly shaped glass foreign bodies. The forceps was capable of grasping irregular and spherical FB of various sizes and shapes intraoperatively. This instument has been used effectively in a penetrating trauma cases with irregular shaped IOFB measuring 4mm or more i ncluding pellet gun injuries.



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