To evaluate age-dependent changes of choroidal thickness in the Korean population.


One hundred and ten eyes of 65 patients were included in this randomized, prospective cross-sectional study. The choroid was imaged in all subjects using enhanced depth imaging (EDI) OCT (Cirrus, Zeiss). The choroid was measured subfoveally, 1000 µm temporal – 2000 µm temporally and 1000 µm nasal – 2000 µm nasally to the fovea.


The mean age was 51.3 ±14.97 years (range, 21-80 years). A statistically significant age-dependent difference in choroidal thickness was found (p<0.01). There was no significant difference in the mean choroidal thickness in the locations measured. The mean subfoveal choroidal thickness was 368.81 ±98 µm in 20s. The mean subfoveal choroidal thickness was 304.19 ±98 µm in 70s.


In normal Korean people the choroidal thickenss decreased markedly with age. The decreasing rate of choroidal thickness in Korean was 1.4 µm/year. Decrease of choroidal thickness was more rapid in man than in woman.