To arrest the dry AMD development the original low-light therapy during two sessions in the course of year was used.


To apply the low-light therapy the Vision Aid Mark-III prototype was used to illuminate retina by three different wavelengths of light. To evaluate the optical density of the macular pigment, the MacuLux® Praxis (Ebiga VISION GmbH, Germany) was used.


The main group consist of 90 patients (152 eyes) with the dry AMD and the control group consists of 75 patients (136 eyes) were followed up for the 12 months. The 75 patients of the control group took two 10-days standard medicament therapy in the hospital. The patients from the main group took two sessions of low-light therapy during five days within each of the sequential six months periods. The therapy implies two consequent 5-minutes procedures of illuminations with the 2 -minutes break. During the procedure the light with the three different wavelengths (red, green and infrared) was applied. The changes in the vision acuity were estimated under the criteria of BCVA according to ETDRS tables. After the first session the BCVA mean value increased from (M ±SD) the 68 ±14.9 letters before the treatment to the 75 ±14.03 letters after the first course of treatment completion. The BCVA still remains equal to the 71 ±14.3 letters at the end of the 6th month of observation. After the second course of treatment the BCVA mean value increased to the 75.46 ±14.5 letters. At the end of 12th month the BCVA mean value for the main group of patients was equal to the 69.47 ±14.06 letters. The BCVA for the control group had changed from the mean value 63.41 ±15.6 letters before the treatment to the 66.1 ±15.45 letters after the treatment and 60.87 ±15.77 letters at the end of observation period. Two-tail t-test had been performed. The two groups are different (p≤0.01). The mean value of MPOD before the therapy was 0.24 ±0.66 after the completion of the first course 0.36 ±0.1, at the end of the first 6 months 0.32 ±0.08 after the second course of the therapy 0.43 ±0.11 at the end of the clinical observation (12-th month) 0.38 ±0.11. The control group shows the mean value of MPOD 0.24 ±0.062 before the therapy and 0.23 ±0.06 at the end of observation.