Di Lauro R., Zeppa L., Di Lauro M.T.


No complications intra-op. as: atalamy, loss vitreous, vitreous moving. No complications post-op reported, except 2 cases of serious detachment of choroid, which resolved spontaneously.


The authors reported the results of the 18 cases of cataract and angle-closed glaucoma, treated with lensectomy and 25 ga pars plana vitrectomy. All eyes were highly hypermetropic. 3 of 18 patients operated, have been had a malignant glaucoma post trabeculectomy in the fellow eye.

Effectiveness / Safety:

The combined surgery 25ga vitrectomy with phaco reduce extremely the intra and post-op complications in highly hypermetropic eyes with angle closed glaucoma, and could became the elective surgery in selected cases.