ILM peeling in idiopathic macular hole surgery is crucial to achieve high anatomical and functional success rate. ILM peeling may be done using special ILM forceps or Tano scraper. The purpose of this work is to describe the technique of using the Tanoscraper to start and peel the ILM in eyes with idiopathic macular holes (IMH). 35 eyes with idiopathic macular hole underwent vitrectomy, posterior hyaloid peeling, ILM peeling using the Tano scraper, basal gel shaving and SF6 gas tamponade followed by face down positioning for 3 days. The Tano scraper was used to start the ILM peel just central to the lower temporal arcade, creating a tear, then a flap was created and inverted and the scraper was used to peel working on the inverted flap and not over the underlying nerve fibre layer. It may also be possible to use the tip of the scraper to elevate the edge of the ILM and continue the peeling process. The ILM was peeled over large area extending from the optic disc, 2 – 3 disc area on the temporal side and the superior and inferior temporal vascular arcades. All eyes underwent pre- & post-operative OCT examination. Results: Using this technique, closure of the IMH could be achieved in all eyes. The OCT confirmed the closure and showed the integrity of the ELM & IS/OS segments. All eyes showed improvement of the visual acuity. The use of soft Tano scraper may be a good tool and may replace the ILM forceps. ILM with different textures can be peeled with no frequent tearing or injury to the underlying retinal tissue.