Ivan Fiser, Frantisek Benda (Prague, Czech Republic)


Therapy with Avastin, fully tailored to the finding, can reduce the number of injections. The “saturation phase” of the traditional treatment scheme consisting of three monthly injections is not necessary in all cases. We always adapt the treatment to the course of the disease and keep the patients under tight control with frequent check-up visits.


Both a statistical analysis of 274 eyes treated with Avastin according to the fully individual need and illustrative case-reports of some eyes which dried-up after a single injection will be presented, including surprising effects in eyes with large PED or submacular hemorrhage.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Tailored therapy with Avastin helps patients with AMD reduce the number of injections. The mean number of injections in our group was only 1.61. The mean follow-up was 7.5 months. The mean BCVA improved significantly. However, we did not find any pre-treatment factors that could predict the number of injections, which brings really a lot of work to the medical staff.

Take home message:

A large group of super responders, who profit from a single injection, is proving that the fully tailored therapy is justifiable.