Synergetics™, Inc. (O’Fallon, MO) was founded in 1991 with an initial focus on the repair of retinal instrumentation. Today, Synergetics™, Inc. is known as Synergetics™ USA, Inc. the result of a merger with Valley Forge Scientific Corp. (King of Prussia, PA) in 2005. Synergetics™ USA, Inc. (NASDAQ: SURG) has grown to become a publicly traded, company and largely recognized as the innovation leader within the surgical retina community within the ophthalmology market and in the neurosurgery disciplines of bipolar electrosurgery and ultrasonic aspiration. Our products (ophthalmic and neurosurgical) are found in hospitals and operating rooms throughout the world, a direct result of our expanding sales organization and global distribution network.

At Synergetics™, we pride ourselves on our engineering creativity as we aggressively pursue opportunities to advance surgery in both ophthalmic and neurosurgical disciplines through clinically significant product development. This is made possible through our collaborative relationships with industry leading surgeons from around the world working to improve patient outcomes.

Through continuous improvement and development of our employees, our mission is to design, manufacture and market innovative microsurgical products of the highest quality in order to assist and enable surgeons around the world to progress the standard of care and provide a better quality of life for their patients.

Synergetics…leadership through innovation

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Ophthalmology Products
Our products are developed through extensive research and close collaboration with surgeons to find an innovative solution to your surgical needs. Select any of the product lines below for more information, and then contact your Synergetics representative.
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ONE-STEP™ Surgical System
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