Stratos V. Gotzaridis


Sutureless Transconjunctival 20 Gauge Vitrectomy (20G STV) is a modified technique that upgrades the conventional 20 Gauge to a minimal technique. It reduces the operating time and the post operative inflammation.


Conjunctival diathermy over the ports before sclerostomy produced adhesions adequate to stop transoperative conjunctival chemosis. The MVR blade introduced into the conjunctiva-sclera in a bevelled direction. The tunnel incision that was created was left without a suture at the end of the operation.

Effectiveness / Safety:

A very low percentage of the operated patients (3, 5%) had hypotony (2-6mmHg) on day 1, that was normalised 3 days later. No other serious complications occurred as a result of this novel transconjunctival approach. Also there were no differences in visual acuity, intraocular pressure, redetachments, or inflammations between the patients undergoing this technique and the patients having the conventional 20 gauge pars plana technique. 20G STV is a safe and practical technique for the full spectrum of vitreoretinal surgery. It makes the surgery quicker and is well tolerated by patients.