Andriy Sergiienko, Lyubomyr Lytvynchuk, Oleksandr Fillipchuk (Kiev, Ukraine)


Exudative maculopathy and tractional retinal detachment are common complication of peripheral capillary hemangioma. Surgical approach necessitates big challenges and careful treatment planning.


5 patients with exudative maculopathy and tractional retinal detachment of different extent due to peripheral capillary hemangioma underwent repeated intravitreal injections of bevacizumab in dose 1.25 mg. BCVA, OCT scans, FA and central visual field test (30 degrees) were performed prior and postoperatively. Injections were performed once in 1 patient, twice in 2 patients and 4 times in other 2 patients. One patient was prepared with single itravitreal bevacizumab for further PPV due to tractional retinal detachment on her single eye.

Effectiveness / Safety:

4 patients with intravitreal bevacizumab only showed BCVA improvement. OCT showed decrease of retinal thickness, on FA moderate decrease in vessels permeability and partial hard exudates reabsorbtion. On central visual field test slight improvement was noted. No signs of local tractional detachment extension were noted. Patient who underwent PPV with silicone oil after intravitreal bevacizumab with BCVA 10/200 preoperatively developed retinal redetachment during 1 month postoperatively. Reoperation was held. During 6 month: complete retinal reattachment, BCVA 20/50, no signs of PVR. No significant side effects were noted.