Sengul Ozdek (Ankara, Turkey)


Sclerectomy surgery is easy and effective in eyes with exudative RD secondary to nanophthalmos.


Four quadrant deep sclerectomy and sclerostomy with mitomycin C was applied to 6 eyes of 3 patients with exudative RD secondary to nanophthalmos.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Exudative RD resolved quickly in 4 eyes of 2 patients within a week and maintained this wellness for at least 9 months. These cases had predominantly peripheral RD. Two eyes of a case with predominantly macular serous detachment associated with pigmentary retinopathy resolved partially at the beginning but deteriorated again after 6 months.

Take home message:

Serous RD associated with nanophthalmos responds well to scleral thinning surgeries. This seems to be an effective treatment in the presence of adequate healthy RPE.