Daniel Vilaplana, Vladimir Poposki, Sebastian Beckers, Miguel Castilla


The chronic detachment of the inferior retina presents an elevated risk of recurrence. Elimination of the peripheral inferior retina by retinotomy and retinectomy entails a high percentage of success.                                                                                              


The following surgical steps are carried out: scleral buckle, vitrectomy, partial introduction of liquid perfluorocarbon (PFCL), endodiathermy, retinotomy, peripheral retinectomy, complete introduction of PFCL, intraocular laser photocoagulation, direct exchange of PFCL with silicone oil 5000 Cs.

Effectiveness / Safety:

After one year we perform the extraction of the silicone oil. Following the proposed steps, the incidence of the retinal re-detachment is lower than another technique we have employed.