Hassan Mortada, Egypt

Forty four eyes underwent pars plana vitrectomy for repair of traumatic rhegmatogenous retinal detachment. Intraocular foreign bodies were encountered in 18 eyes. Surgical approach included, cataract removal with or without IOL implantation, 23 G vitrectomy, posterior hyaloid & epiretinal membrane peeling, chorioretinectomy to posterior exit wound, extensive ILM peeling, retinotomy/ retinectomy to relieve retinal incarceration, dissection of subretinal proliferation, PFCL injection to reattach & stabilize posterio r retina, shaving of basal vitreous gel, extraction of IOFB, endolaser to all retinal breaks, retinotomies and for 360 degrees and finally direct PFCL/SiO exchange. Recurrent inferior retinal detachment, usually within the first 4 weeks was encountered in 15/44 eyes, recurrent epiretinal and/or subretinal proliferation was encountered in 14/44 eyes. These eyes underwent reoperations with SF6 or SiO tamponade. SiO removal with stable attached retina could be achieved in 40 eyes. In remaining 4 eyes, SiO could not be removed because of severe hypotony. Early intervention, radical vitrectomy, chorioretinectomy, ILM peeling and use of SiO at the first operation are associated with high rate of stable attached retina.

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