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To demonstrate an effective technique towards successful optic pit surgery.


17 eyes were operated on between 1999-2013 17 eyes with vitrectomy, PVD, ILM-peeling, laser around the pit and gas tamponade. Follow-up was 42-3610 days (median 762). OCT-imaging was available for 11 cases (2003 and later). Two examples (including a video clip) of an acute and chronic optic pit cases are shown.


In all cases macular detachment was diminished or resolved completely. Time for resolution of SRF sometimes took up to one year. Thus, indication for re-intervention in case of persistent or residual SRF (e.g. additional laser, gas) should be considered carefully. Noteworthy, one case showed a late recurrence 6 years after primary successful surgery.

Take home message:

Optic pit surgery using the above mentioned technique carries a high chance of anatomic and functional improvement.