M. Apostolopoulos, A. Papaspyrou, C. Koutsandrea, D. Alonistiotis, N. Vakalis, A. Kotsolis, J. Mallias, E. Georgiadou, E. Parikakis. Athens, Greece

A penetrating injury with corneal rupture, iris prolapse, entrapped eye lashes and vitreous hemorrhage happened in a 5 years old boy.

Six months later the boy underwent surgery for cataract extraction. There was 100 degrees prolapse of opacified vitreous, through the rupture of the zonule of the Zinn, but the vitreous hemorrhage was absorbed. Capsulorrhexis was perfomed, aspiration of the lens by vitrector, vitrectomy of the prolapsed vitreous, with inspection of the periphery by endoilluminator, and then removal of the eye lashes. A foldable lens was finally inserted at the end of the operation.