64 old male patient being treated for last 3 years for eosinophillic vasculitis with oral wysolone (10mg/day now) and Tab azathioprone. Complained of slight blurring vision in left eye. Vision was 20/20 in right eye and 20/30 in left eye. Clinically the anterior chamber was quiet, slight RAPD, 1+ cells in Vitreous in left eye. The retina showed left eye retinitis with disc pallor, right eye few retinal haemorrhages. All the necessary imaging and blood tests were done. The right eye was normal. Vitreous tap and PCR showed CMV +ve. Intravitreal Gancyclovir given and the very next day the vision was HM in left eye ! Repeat imagings were done and patient was treated with systemic steroids and valgancyclovir with resoration of full vision.

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