Subretinal Injections of BSS Combined with Vitrectomy and ILM Peeling in Diabetic Macular Edema



To present results of a novel surgical technique in treatment naive diabetic macular oedema.


Prospective interventional study. Core vitrectomy, posterior hyaloid detachment, trypan blue staining and ILM peeling were performed. Subretinal BSS injection followed.


6 eyes of 6 patients were operated. Central retinal thickness decreased one week after surgery. Visual acuity improved in all cases during the first control. Spectral domain and swept source OCT images will be presented. OCT Angiography images were also performed.


Subretinal injection is a new concept first presented by Morizane and coworkers based on earlier studies performed in Japan. It is an adjunct to vitrectomy with ILM peeling improving anatomical and functional results in diabetic macular oedema.



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