The Stellaris PC is a ventury pump vitrectomy machine. As you know, the control of the vacuum is the main parameter of the setting available in the software.
The new interface gives you the opportunity to optimize and increase the security during the procedures.


The communication aims to explain how to use the different combinations to give the best sensations to the surgeon, well adapted to the way he manages the procedure.


I use this machine to organize and manage the training of young fellows in retinal surgery. It is very important to find the more secure way to start the first vitrectomies, starting in the central area to continue to the peripherie.
The double linear setting is a very interesting way to manage the procedures in a 3 dimensions space, in which you can change all the time, the cutting frequency, the vacuum, and the delay of the vacuum if you restart pushing on the foot pedal.


The videos of the first vitrectomies of the fellows proves that you can use this type of ventury pump with a high level of security if you include the way a ventury pump is working in your reflection.

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