Barbara Parolini, Michele Palmieri, Ugo Nava, Alessandro Finzi, Rino Frisina, Italy

There is no consensus on the pathogenesis and management of myopic traction maculopathy. In order to determine the evolution of the disease we have studied 40 unoperated patients affected by pathologic myopia (PM) with at least 3 OCT scans available at 3 different dates. Five stages were identified, each of them with 3 possible variants. Two hundred and sixty eyes, operated with macular buckle (MB) or pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) or combi ned MB+ PPV were analysed, collecting information of pre and postoperative visual acuity and anatomical state through OCT. The study will present a Table of Staging of MTM as well as a practical Table to offer Guidelines of management per each stage.

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