SCIENTIFIC POSTER 2016_Spontaneous Suprachoroidal Hemorrhage Maha M. Elshafei

We present a 52-year-old diabetic and hypertensive patient, for the past five years for which is well controlled on oral medications. The patient presented himself to Emergency on 21 June 2015 complaining of sudden loss of vision in the right eye after waking up from sleep. He was found to have vision of light perception in the right eye; IOP 8mmHg, quiet anterior segment and detached retina could be seen behind the lens with evidence of sub-retinal blood. He has performed eye diabetic screening on Feb 2015 and was documented to have vision of 6/6 in both eyes, no diabetic changes in the retina but multiple chorioretinal scars in both eyes. The patient was seen in retina clinic in May 2015 and documented to have chrioretinal scars with no active disease. Investigations done were all normal. The patient underwent pars plana vitrectomy for evacuation of the suprachoroidal hemorrhage; the vision improved to counting fingers. Review of the literature revealed only thirty-two cases of spontaneous suprachoroidal hemorrhage.
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