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The Optic Disc Pit (ODP) is a rare congenital defect of the optic nerve disc which involves the macular region in 75-93% of the affected adults, and more rarely in children. In our case report we studied the morphological variations in a 6 year old child with ODP associated with serous detachment of the neuroepithelium, intraretinal edema and loss of visual acuity (BCVA 20/40) by means of OCT (Heidelberg Engineering). After 12 month of observation without any kind of treatment except for oral citicoline (800mg daily) and some hours of daily occlusion of the controlateral eye, we found a spontaneous absorption of the intraretinal fluid and a subsequent improvement of the visual acuity (BCVA 20/20) with modest residual alterations of the outer retinal layers (ellipsoid and interdigitation zone). Three months later, we observed a gradually increasing detachment of the posterior hyaloid, provoking intraretinal edema of the macular region and loss of the visual acuity (BCVA 20/40). Considering our patient\’s young age, we have opted for a non-surgical procedure so far, as conventional treatments are still discussed amongst experts.