My long time delayed conversion from 20 Gauge to 25 Gauge + surgery in 2012 showed even more benefits than Alcon declared. My trust in a better accuracy of 20 Gauge surgery proved to be wrong and I have operated over 1400 patients with a higher success rate than before. Well known are the “cosmetic” advantages of small gauge surgery (shorter procedure, patients´ comfort, less inflammation, no astigmatism), however, more important are the “surgical” advantages (smaller required flow, smaller risk of retina or vitreous incarceration, almost no retinal tears, a single instrument for vario us manipulations, better surgical accuracy).


Sharing personal experience with 25 Gauge + surgery using the Constellation machine. Showing surgical videos, precise manipulations and the technical layout.


These advantages lead to a better safety of the surgery. The most important is the less frequent retinal detachment after vitrectomy. 27 Gauge + surgery is very similar to 25 Gauge +, just with some tips and tricks.

Take home message:

25 Gauge + and 27 Gauge + technique represents not only equally safe surgery but it is a real progress.

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