Samira Khan, (Albany, NY), Paul M. Beer, MD (Albany, NY), Naomi S. Falk, MD (Albany, NY), Amjad Hammad, MD (Albany, NY), Martin O’Malley, MD (Albany, NY)


6 months results of intravitreal Bevacizumab on patients with neovascular ARMD.


A retrospective chart review of 50 consecutive patients who have received at least one intravitreous injection of bevacizumab for neovascular age-related macular degeneration.


Pre-injection mean OCT is 373 microns and mean visual acuity is 20/100. At 1 month following initial injection, mean OCT is 244 microns and mean visual acuity is 20/70. At 3 months, mean OCT is 272 microns and mean visual acuity is 20/70. At 6 month follow-up, mean OCT is 290 microns and mean visual acuity is 20/80. Complications that occurred following administration of Bevacizumab include 1 patient with acute endophthalmitis, 1 patient with a retinal detachment and 1 patient who developed keratic precipitates.


In comparison to baseline, intravitreal Bevacizumab has lead to an improvement in both OCT and vision at 1 month following initial injection. At 3 and 6 months post injection the initial benefit is slightly diminished.