We introduce a new technique for intrascleral fixation of posterior chamber intraocular lenses (IOL) when there is insufficient or no capsular support.


Two scleral grooves were created by making two scleral incisions at 2.0mm from the limbus exactly 180 degrees apart. Within the scleral groove, a sclerotomy was conducted using a 25-gauge microvitreoretinal blade. At the end of the scleral grooves a scleral tunnel was created using a 25-gauge needle. The IOL was inserted into the anterior chamber and the haptics externalized through the sclerotomy. The distal haptic was positioned on scleral grooves and inserted into scleral tunnel using a 25-gauge vitrectomy forceps.


A retrospective review was performed on 19 eyes of 19 patients with crystalline lens dislocation, IOL dislocation or postsurgical aphakia. All IOLs were stable and positioned well in the center of the pupil. Postoperatively, none of the patients had serious complications such as retinal detachment, endophthalmitis, bullous keratopathy and secondary glaucoma.


It is a simple and safe method which conducts a sutureless intrascleral fixation using scleral grooves, but does not require scleral flaps or fibrin glues.