Gilbert WS Simanjuntak, Jannes F Tan, Helario Hasibuan, Jusuf Wijaya


To remove the silicone oil tamponade along with secondary intra ocular lens (IOL) implantation under topical anesthesia.


Vitrectomized eyes where the peripheral capsule had been intentionally spared and which had been tamponaded with silicone oil underwent silicone oil removal. After a thorough preoperative fundus examination had shown no need for further surgical procedures during oil removal, an anterior chamber maintainer was inserted at the inferior limbus contralaterally to the superior limbus incision for silicone oil evacuation and IOL insertion. After complete silicone oil removal and synechiolysis were performed, a three piece IOL was inserted in the sulcus. Tetracaine 0.5% was instilled three times, 60, 30 and 15 minutes before surgery. The surgical technique is shown in the video

Effectiveness / Safety:

All cases done as one day procedure without additional anesthesia and without patient complain. IOL stable in the position in four eyes. No cases presented corneal edema. The procedure was faster and simpler than trans pars plana silicone oil removal. Each case was done in less than 30 minutes. The procedure is easier and produces more ‘complete’ removal of silicone oil tamponade.