David R. Chow, MD, FRCS(C) (Toronto, Canada)*


To discuss the latest developments in endoillumination and future developments.


Over the last year there have been numerous advances in endoillumination with the release of two Xenon light sources (Synergetics Photon and ALcon Xenon) both of which have been enhanced in numerous ways along with improvements in various light pipes and lighted instruments. The latest safety data and brightness of various light sources including a new light source, the Photon 2 will be presented.


The safety calculations for the latest versions of the Xenon light sources revealed 1920 Lumens/Hz Wt for the Synergetics Photon and 1240 Lumens/Hz Wt for the Alcon Xenon. The new Photon 2 had a safety calculation of 2200 Lumens/Hz Wt. The maximum brightness of the Xenon Photon with a 20g light probe was 56 lumens vs 47 lumens on the new ALcon Xenon. The 25g light pipes were capable of 31 lumens on the Xenon Photon and 20 lumens on the new Alcon Xenon. Ancillary lighted instruments were 10-50% brighter on the Xenon Photon compared to the new Alcon Xenon depending on the size of the light fibre used. The new Photon 2 demonstrated a significant improvement in power capabilities over the Xenon Photon with a unique color quality.


Xenon endoillumination has grown in popularity due to its enhanced power capabilities and improved illumination options. The new Photon 2 offers a new endoillumination option with a further increase in brightness and safety with a unique color quality.
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