Ultra-wide field (UWF) imaging of the fundus (Optos, Daytona) is a valuable diagnostic tool, allowing the acquisition of up to 200° of the retina in a single image. The instrument requires the patient to lean forward towards the instrument, keeping the eye well open and correctly aligned in the acquisition opening, fixating the aiming light. It is therefore generally unsuitable for pediatric imaging. However in selected cases, if no other pediatric fundus imaging system is available, UWF imaging can be used to acquire fundus images in children, even at a very young age.

Method of acquisition:

The acquisition requires the use of a speculum. While a parent keeps the child in her/his arms the operator gently guides the head of the patient, in order to center the eye in proper position for the automatic acquisition of the instrument. Interestingly the aiming light of the seems to attract the attention of small children, if the vision of the examined eye is not too poor.

Retina Photo description:

We present the UWF retina images of a 8 months old caucasian female infant, presented to our attention with a history of supposed accidental fall at home. The concomitant finding of subdural hematoma and the accurate documentation with UWF retinal photos of characteristic retinal hemorrhages were crucial in orienting the diagnosis toward a “Shaken baby Syndrome”.


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