SCIENTIFIC POSTER_Mehmet Selim Kocabora

Purpose :

To report an unusual case with severe inflammatory reaction in the vitreous cavity after removal of sticky silicone oil.


A 60 year-old woman was operated 2 months ago in our clinic for a pseudophakic total retinal detachment with 2 large horse-shoe tears on her right eye. After a successful 23 Gauge pars plana vitrectomy with 1000 cs silicone oil tamponade, the retina was reattached and the BCVA improved from hand motions to 0.3. Silicone oil was removed 2 months later with active aspiration thorough 23 G trocars. The major part of the silicone oil was removed, but a significant amount of abnormal silicone oil remained strongly adherent to the posterior pole. It could only be removed by sweeping away the sticky oil with the aid of diamond-dusted scraper. In the early postoperative period, an extensive inflammation in the vitreous cavity was observed and went along with pain and photophobia. Topical steroids failed to decrease the inflammatory reaction in the vitreous cavity. On day 10 after silicone oil removal, we injected 0.4 mg triamcinolone acetonide and 3 days later, inflammation was under control. The final BCVA one month after surgery was 0.3.


The phenomenon of sticky silicone oil is a rare but potentially troublesome finding. We discuss the possible causes and options to prevent and deal with sticky silicone.