Authors: Maria Garcia-Pous, E. Palacios, J. Mataix, M.C. Desco, A. Navea, Valencia, Spain


To evaluate retinal tears as a cause of retinal detachment with a wide-field retinography.


A pilot study with 24 patients with retinal detachment diagnosis. Images were performed with the Optomap Panoramic200 wide-field confocal scanning laser imaging system. Images were evaluated and compared to gold standard examination by a retinal specialist. Sensitivity and specificity was calculated for both the number of the tears and location of the retinal detachment.

Effectiveness / Safety:

For detecting retinal tears, sensitivity was 58.8% (95% confidence interval) overall for all tears with specificity of 71.4% (95% confidence interval). Optomap system was able to detect retinal tears in upper quadrants but no in inferior quadrants. For detecting retinal detachments, sensitivity was 85.22% with a specificity of 70% (95% confidence interval) overall for any quadrant affected. For detecting macular involvement Optomap showed a high specificity (100%) with a moderate sensitivity (60%).


Optomap system presents a good specificity with moderate sensitivity for detecting retinal tears and higher sensitivity for studying retinal detachments.