Since 1994, the Freiburg Visual Acuity Test allows a standardized visual acuity test with Landolt rings under well-defined conditions for illumination and contrast. Similarly, the web-based test of the Aachen Centrum for Technology transfer in Ophthalmology (ACTO), allows a standardized follow up for macular disorders and other eye diseases.
Since smartphones are equipped with a retina display, they can offer cheap tests of visual acuity and the Amsler grid for self-monitoring. Some Tests are useful for screening in the emergency room and on visits outside the clinics, some tests are very useful for selfmonitoring, others are useless. Some tests can summarize the test results for a detailed report to the eye doctor and for a request for a consultation. Those tests, that are best suited for self monitoring for diabetic macular edema and age related macular degeneration are presented in detail.