Cesare Forlini, Paolo Rossini, Antonio Aversano (Department of Ophthalmology, “S. Maria delle Croci” Hospital, Ravenna, Italy), Matteo Forlini (Eye Clinic, University of Modena, Italy)


Show the use of iris-claw posterior IOL (Artisan Ophtec) implants, combined with transconjunctival surgery systems.


Since 2002, follow up of 196 implants for correction of aphakia, IOL subluxation or luxation and for management of complicated cataract surgery and anterior and/or posterior segment traumas. A 25 gauge anterior chamber infusion and anterior triamcinolone-assisted vitrectomy are performed when an anterior approach is chosen.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Only 2 cases of subluxation resolved with reoperation and refixation of the unhooked haptic of the IOL. None case of complete luxation. None case of iridocyclitis or post-operative pigmentary glaucoma. Together with the use of transconjunctival vitrectomy systems, the Artisan is a valid alternative to the classic scleral-fixed IOL implantation strategy.