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To demonstrate the use of iris-claw posterior IOL (Artisan, Ophtec) implantation combined with transconjunctival vitrectomy surgery system.


In this presentation, we will present different clinical situations where iris claw IOL was used, ranging from the simplest ones to those in which significant damage of the iris necessitated the performance of major ‘acrobatics’ manoeuvres to secure the implant.

Since 2002, we followed up 196 eyes that has been had iris-claw posterior IOL implants for correction of aphakia, IOL subluxation or luxation and for management of complicated cataract surgery as well as anterior and/or posterior segment traumas. A 25 gauge anterior chamber infusion and anterior triamcinolone-assisted vitrectomy were performed in some cases when an anterior approach was chosen.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Only 2 cases of IOL subluxation were encountered that resolved with reoperation and refixation of the slipped IOL claw to the iris but there was no case of complete luxation of the implant. There was also no case of iridocyclitis or post-operative pigmentary glaucoma in our series postoperatively. Together with the use of transconjunctival vitrectomy systems, Artisan IOL implantation represents a valid alternative to sclerally-fixated IOL implants. The use of endoscope provides an additional option to to evaluate the position and centration of IOL implant.