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To study morphology and etiology of persistent subretinal blebs after surgery for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RRD).

Materials and methods:

10 eyes of 10 patients presenting persistent subretinal blebs after surgery for RRD. All eyes received a complete ophthalmological examination inclusive of FAF, IR, SD-OCT and en face OCT (Spectralis).


Multiple subretinal blebs were present in 100% of eyes. SD-OCT was able to differentiate subretinal blebs caused by persistent serous subretinal fluid, from subretinal blebs caused by entrapped subretinal perfluorocarbon liquid (PFCL) in 100% of cases. Vitreo-retinal adhesion above the blebs was present in 40% of eyes, anatomic delineation of the area of subretinal blebs by the large retina vessels in 100% of cases, photoreceptor damage in the area of the bleb demonstrated by elongation of the photoreceptor outer segment (OS) and interruption in the inner segment / outer segment (IS/OS) line in 70% cases.


Persistent subretinal blebs after RRD surgery have been reported in 10% of cases. SD-OCT study allows a better definition of the extension of the subretinal blebs, of the presence of photoreceptors damage, and of the presence of vitreo-retinal adhesion / traction above the blebs.