SCIENTIFIC POSTER_Luis Arrevola Velasco

We present our results during this past fourteen years in 117 patients with an uncomplicated retinal detachment (RD), who underwent a scleral buckling without subretinal fluid drainage and no cryopexy. We achieved reattachment of the retina in 91% of cases, similar to what is described with other techniques of scleral buckling surgery. However, our rate of complications intraoperatively as well as postoperatively is dramatically lower. The current technique requires that the retinal breaks have been localized properly and the buckle suffiently supports the entire hole size. Important for planning the surgery is a thorough exam with a precise fundus drawing. When the reattachment is achieved between 2 to 5 days after proper head positioning, laser therapy of the breaks must be done. Complications and their solutions will be demonstrated as well as the management of those cases in which we did not reach immediate reattachment of the retina.