To show the effectiveness and safety of mini-invasive (MIVS) 23 gauge system in the treatment of post-traumatic suprachoroidal hemorrhagic detachment (SCH) in patient operated for PK.


Case report of 61 y/o male patient who undergo to accidental blunt trauma with corneal wound reopening, lens expulsion, iris rupture, vitreous prolapse, retinal detachment and SCH. Surgery with not valved 23 gauge trocars was performed after 8 days. The surgical steps were: 23 gauge transconjunctival drainage of SCH, vitrectomy to repair the tractional retinal detachment, iris surgery with pupil plasty, IOL implant with posterior enclavation, new PK and final tamponade.

Effectiveness / Safety:

23 gauge trocars via pars plana, with the help of anterior chamber 23 gauge infusion, allow safe and well controlled drainage of SCH. After this crucial step, the vitrectomy can continue with standard surgical passages (membranes peeling, IOL implantation, PK, final tamponade). The anterior chamber infusion guarantees the optimal IOP during all the surgical steps, even during open-sky manouvres.