Cesare Forlini, Matteo Forlini, Adriana Bratu, Paolo Rossini (Ravenna, Italy)


To investigate the clinical benefit of internal limiting membrane (ILM) peeling at the macula for the prevention and treatment of epiretinal membrane formation in RD cases with PVR.


Patient charts were reviewed retrospectively for 26 eyes of 25 patients (17 male, 9 females) with mean age of 62 years. The patients were consecutively recruited and underwent secondary vitrectomy with ILM peeling at the macula. All our patients presented with rhegmatogenous / tractional retinal detachment and PVR grade C-2 or higher and grade D in 11 phakic eyes, 14 pseuodophakic eyes and 2 aphakic eyes. Macular detachment was present in 16 out of the 26 eyes. ICG (0,05%) was used in all cases except one case where Brilliant Peel was used. Silicone oil (Densiron) was used in 16 cases and silicone oil (1000cs) was used in 10 cases. After mean follow up time of 6 months OCT showed that 2 cases developed cystoid macular edema, 1 case had photoreceptor atrophy and 1 case presented with macular chorioretinal atrophic scar.


Our study demonstrates that ILM peeling at the macula during vitrectomy with silicone oil tamponade for the treatment of retinal detachment with PVR may prevent the formation of epimacular membrane without affecting negatively distant visual acuity.