Ron Adelman (New Haven, CT, USA)


Pneumatic retinopexy is an office procedure with high success rate in a selected group of patients with retinal detachment.


Retinal break is treated with cryotherapy followed by intravitreal injection of 0.3 to 0.5 ml SF6 or C3F8 gas. Patient needs to position accordingly in order to place gas on the break (bubble on the trouble). Alternatively gas can be injected first, and then laser retinopexy performed 24 hours following gas injection.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Appropriate case selection is very important. The success rate is higher in phakic eyes with single break in the superior half of the retina. With good case selection, success rate is about 80% to 90%.

Take home message:

Pneumatic retinopexy is an effective, minimally invasive and cost effective technique in the management of a large number of patients with retinal detachment.