Authors: Miroslav Vukosavljevic, Dragan Vicic, Nenad Petrovic, Vesna Cerovic, Belgrade, Serbia


MIVS 23G has many advantages over 20G PPV- faster postoperative recovery, shorter operation duration, less discomfort for patient with same intraoperative comfort for surgeon, shorter learning curve.


We compared results of posterior segment operations performed with MIVS23G technique with `classic` PPV. All operations where performed by same team of surgeons which performed operations during last 18 months. Patients where divided into groups considering fundus findings (retinal detachment, various stadiums of diabetic retinopathy).

Effectiveness / Safety:

MIVS 23G was effective as 20G PPV, but with many advantages.

Take home message:

MIVS 23G is safe and effective procedure that combines all good sides of 20g vitrectomy and has obvious advantages.